message from the president

consult an advisor

How many times have you been told to consult an advisor? This is one of those times. When I was working as a manager at P&G, I learned from market research that customers don’t realize what they need or want until they see it. Fieldstring Advisors provide that perspective—they’ve been there and done that when it comes to adopting new technology. The Advisor’s role is to be a partner, consultant, and coach to help save time and work more efficiently by using new technology to solve old problems. Our business is built upon the Advisor relationship with each of our clients. Some people call it handholding, I call it being a good wingman. In fact, like a wingman, upon achieving the position of Advisor, each has earned a callsign. Mine is “Machine.” When I was younger, flying the F-16, I was a good wingman. Later, I trained many good wingmen. Now, I train Advisors. With the help of an Advisor projects will thrive. You’ll feel smarter and be more successful without the risk or effort of driving change. Right now, an Advisor is working with someone in your field—check six! Where’s your wingman?

David P. Tupaj, PMP, LEED AP
President/Lead Advisor