The attention to detail required for new construction or major renovation in today’s environment demands accuracy. Whether it’s a fully integrated BIM model or LEED certification, data has become the focal point of the AEC community. The days of tape measures and 2D paper drawings are fading fast and the 3D modeling skills required to compete in the new marketplace take time to develop and master. Fieldstring helps you get there faster with simple, fast, and accurate existing condition documentation in the format of your choice. By employing phase based laser scanning, Fieldstring eliminates budget pressure while creating schedule compression. Laser scanning is one of the most significant advancements in the field enabling complete, precise, and current dimensions for any project.

At Fieldstring, we support the existence of five different, and equally supportable, ideas about any large public, commercial, or industrial facility:

This cycle of five realities repeats itself over and over throughout the building lifecycle. We close the gaps between these multiple realities to ensure everyone is working on the same building, the one that exists today, and we do it faster than any other technology or company in the market.