There are two components to our technology—process and equipment. Fieldstring Measurement & Modeling teams currently use phase based laser scanners to capture positional data. This portable scanner is tripod mounted and uses the latest laser technology to scan in a 360 degree field of view with an approximate range of 120 yards and accuracy down to 1/10th of an inch. Each scan produces an image similar to a high definition digital camera with the additional benefit of having a measurement for each and every pixel. A series of scans are performed at most project sites to capture different angles and eliminate shadowing. The supporting software package is then used to register the scans together to form a continuous model and transform the coordinates from a local XYZ format to the client’s desired coordinate system. This deliverable is called a point cloud and contains millions of data points from the project site. The point cloud can be imported into many versions of CAD software to generate 2D, 3D, or “4D” models, drawings, and other renderings. More basic measurement applications can be made directly within the point cloud manipulation software package itself. The resulting data can reduce schedules, budgets, and manpower by over 50%. In the end, the client gets the same deliverables, only better.